Publicly Seeking Souls Everywhere

Persons outside the Church toss on a sea of doubt from which their hearts crave rest, but they need to be persuaded that in the Church there is really faith and calm.

Source: The Legion of Mary Handbook, p.314

Legionaries must seek always to bring the Good News to everyone they encounter by loving our neighbors as ourselves. Let it be our love, peace, and joy that attracts restless hearts. Then by the guiding of the Holy Spirit, may we share God’s love and saving grace so that all persons may understand the Catholic faith and the gift of salvation therein.


Institution Visits

Seeking those suffering from addiction, handicapped, mentally ill, homeless, or lonely

Promoting Family

Support and encouragement for the validation of marriages and sanctity of family life

Street Work

Personal contact on streets, shops, restaurants, etc. to promote religion and/or the Legion

Serving Others

Serving in food kitchens/pantries to demonstrate God’s love and Providence